Loyalty and referral marketing
programs, built for fintech

Streamline the way you acquire, engage and retain customers with secure, scalable, and customizable referral and loyalty programs.



Built for your industry, by people who understand it.

Whether you're a fintech, credit union, bank or payment processing company, SaaSquatch is designed specifically to support the sophisticated referral and loyalty programs you're looking for.

With SaaSquatch you can power programs that:

  • Incentivize new account creation
  • Reward with cashback, crypto or in-app currencies
  • Encourage expansion to additional financial products
  • Incentivize app downloads, customer referrals and more

Our referral program has proven to be a cost-effective, fully-automated channel for growth. One of our most important criteria was to make every component automatic – from rewards and analytics to notifications – and it's fully delivered on that front.

Neill Vandenberg

VP of Marketing, PensionBee


How fintechs stand out with SaaSquatch.


New loan origination programs.

Create referral marketing programs for loans. For example, when a customer pays off a micro loan, the person who referred them gets rewards. Or reward secured loans by giving money back when a customer fixes their credit.


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New account activation programs.

Create reward programs to encourage new account activations, whether a customer is opening up a checking or savings account, downloading your mobile app, signing up for direct deposit, or even maintaining their account balance.


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Custom behavior-based programs.

Create a program to reward customers for specific in- or out-of-app behaviors, like depositing funds, completing a stock trade, upgrading their services, expanding to other financial products or even participating in a survey.


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Learn how PensionBee got 5x more referrals with SaaSquatch.

See how the UK's leading online pension provider has generated 5x more referrals since switching to SaaSquatch.

Flexible Solution for advanced referral and reward programs.

Finding the right solution for your customer marketing strategy can be tough. Here are a few reasons why fintechs choose SaaSquatch:

Enterprise-level security – SOC2 Type II Certified.

Highly customizable through advanced program logic.

Integrates with your entire tech stack.

Seamlessly integrates with your digital banking experience.

Fintech-specific coaching and expertise.

Seamless, branded end-user experiences.

Gamification functionality through leaderboards and more.

Reward users for both in- and out-of-app activities.

Offer custom reward types.

Your best bet for acquiring new,
lifelong customers.

Did you know that users are 4x more likely to engage with referral or loyalty programs when they're in-app? Through advanced program logic, custom configurability, flexible APIs and native integrations, you can build completely custom and highly personalized programs that live seamlessly inside your mobile or web app.

Integrate SaaSquatch with your entire tech stack.

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