Customer referral and loyalty
programs for telecom

93% of consumers trust recommendations from friends and family. Make it easy for customers to become advocates with customized, in-app referral and loyalty programs.



Built for your industry, by people who understand it.

Whether you're a tier 1 telecom company, MVNO, VOIP, OTT media service or a CSP, SaaSquatch is designed to help you find and keep customers at the lowest cost possible.

With SaaSquatch you can power programs that:

  • Keep customers engaged between renewals and upgrades
  • Reduce churn by rewarding your customers' loyalty
  • Encourage expansion to additional products and services
  • Incentivize app downloads and customer referrals

Our expert support team knows the trends that are working best within the industry. That gives you a leg up on your competitors.

As far as our program results go, I am very pleased about the way things are going. I am also excited and optimistic for what we can accomplish with SaaSquatch. The tools and capabilities we wished for many years ago are finally at our fingertips, and we’re excited about the possibilities this brings for building an avenue where customers can show their happiness.




How telecom companies are using SaaSquatch to delight their customers.


Customer referral programs.

Competition is stiff. Referrals from trusted friends and family can land you new customers who are less likely to be swayed by competitive offers down the line.


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Customer loyalty programs.

Create a program to give customers a month of free service for referring a friend. Reward them for accessing pay-per-view shows, or incentivize view times on 5G networks.


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Custom reward programs.

Custom behavior-based programs can reward customers for specific in- or out-of-app actions, like setting up pre-authorized payment or upgrading their service


Ready to engage, delight and retain your customers?



RingCentral increased the scale and efficiency of their referral program.

After running a customer referral program for a few years, RingCentral quickly recognized the need for further program flexibility at scale, requiring advanced capabilities and integrations. Teaming up with SaaSquatch meant RingCentral could bring their program visions to life.

Flexible solution for advanced referral and reward programs.

Finding the right solution for your customer marketing strategy can be tough. Here are a few reasons why telecoms choose SaaSquatch:

Enterprise-level security – SOC2 Type II Certified.

Highly customizable through advanced program logic.

Integrates with your entire tech stack.

Seamlessly integrates with your mobile or desktop app.

Telecom-specific coaching and expertise.

Seamless, branded end-user experiences.

Gamification functionality through leaderboards and more.

Reward users for both in- and out-of-app activities.

Offer custom reward types.

Engage 10x more users with in-app
referral and loyalty programs.

With SaaSquatch you can build personalized advocacy programs that live seamlessly inside your mobile or web app.

Low-friction program options encourage both in- and out-of-app behavior with any reward, such as credit, discounts, giftcards, points, upgrades and more.

Integrate SaaSquatch with your entire tech stack.

See how you can stand apart with SaaSquatch.