Online Marketplaces

Referral and Loyalty Programs for Marketplace Growth at Scale

SaaSquatch provides a cost-effective way to grow your buyers and sellers at scale.

Acquire new buyers and sellers at scale

SaaSquatch provides customized referral and loyalty program software and expertise to help online marketplaces scale the growth of both their buyers and sellers. Our customizable solution is well suited to online marketplaces with 10,000 to many millions of participants.


Create the ultimate acquisition machine

The success of your marketplace depends on the size and diversity of your user base. Generate a two-sided network effect for a thriving marketplace and an ever-growing user base by turning your buyers and sellers into loyal advocates.

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Drive profitable behavior from every buyer and seller

Fuel your growth by keeping your buyers and sellers engaged every step of the way. Offer personalized rewards to drive profitable user behavior and keep them coming back again and again.


Mobile, web, email and social. We’ve got you covered.

Provide a seamless, high-converting user experience regardless of whether your customers use your website or mobile app., and never miss a chance for a transaction.

SaaSquatch hits the sweet spot in the referral marketplace. Their platform offers everything we need to run a successful referral program. Implementation was quick and it has been key in the growth of our business over the past year.

Ben Friedman

Head of Operations at All Set

Secure and Compliant

Our team is dedicated to keeping your referral, partner and other loyalty program data safe and compliant at all times. SaaSquatch provides:

• Automated program fraud detection and management
• SOC 2, GDPR and EU Privacy Commission compliant
• Secure widgets, emails, and rewards

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