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Your New Lever for Growth

SaaSquatch is built for marketers looking to increase acquisition, drive adoption, and take their product to the next level.

Your secret growth lever

As a marketer, your company is depending on you to acquire more customers and increase lifetime value. The SaaSquatch platform is the missing tool you need to leverage your existing customers to achieve your goals. Quickly launch programs that target the entire customer lifecycle from acquisition to retention.


Launch and analyze programs without dev

The SaaSquatch platform is built for marketers to make changes without any development needed. Quickly select, customize, and launch new programs that help acquire more customers, increase lifetime value, and reduce churn. 


Integrate with your marketing stack

SaaSquatch integrates with your marketing stack so you don’t have to change the way you work. Easily fulfill rewards, unify customer messaging, and sync your data across all your platforms. We're continually expanding our integrations to make the platform more powerful.

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Understand what's working

The SaaSquatch platform offers in-depth analytics that allow you to prove what’s working and what’s driving revenue. From the big picture to individual customers, see who has referred who, who's responsible for the most revenue and what you can do to incentivize them further.

Security, Privacy and Fraud Protection

Our team is dedicated to keeping your referral, partner and other loyalty program data safe and compliant at all times. SaaSquatch provides:

• Automated program fraud detection and management
• SOC 2, GDPR and EU Privacy Commission compliant
• Secure widgets, emails, and rewards


World-class support and expertise

SaaSquatch has helped the world's leading brands launch hundreds of successful referral and loyalty programs. Our team is always available to help you through design and review calls to make sure you are maximizing your program's ROI.

We help drive ROI for hundreds of the world's leading brands