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Engage customers when it matters most with Lifecycle marketing programs.

From sign-up to advocacy and beyond, with lifecycle marketing you can connect with your customers at every stage of their journey.



What is Lifecycle Marketing?

A customer’s lifecycle is the stages they go through while interacting with your company.

Lifecycle marketing means engaging with each person differently depending on which stage they’re in. Address your audiences different needs through the best messages, programs and incentives.

With lifecycle marketing, you'll maximize the value of each interaction and keep your audiences engaged.

How is SaaSquatch a Lifecycle Marketing Platform?

SaaSquatch keeps your customers engaged at every stage through powerful customer marketing programs.

1. Referral programs reach, acquire and convert new customers

2. Loyalty programs activate and retain these new customers

3. Both program types encourage acts of advocacy

The result? Higher average customer lifetime value, increased retention rates, lower CAC and more revenue.

LifeCycle Program Modules

With the SaaSquatch LifeCycle plan, you get access to all our program modules:


Customer Referral Programs

Encourage your customers to advocate on your behalf to help you reach, acquire and convert new customers.


Customer Loyalty Programs

Engage and retain your customers with loyalty programs. Encourage new feature adoption, repeat purchases and more.


Partner Referral Programs

Incentivize and reward your partners, influencers and affiliates when they refer new customers to your business.

Seamless end-user experiences

Beautiful and accessible end-user experiences are what make or break an engagement program. With SaaSquatch you have two options. You can embed your program in your mobile or web app or have it hosted on a secure, multi-page microsite.


Embeddable widgets

Engage your customers in your mobile or web app with SaaSquatch embeddable widgets. Use widgets for un-gated programs and reach up to 10x more users.


Multi-page microsites

Deliver secure, password-protected multi-page microsites to your customers, partners and affiliates. Make it yours with our all-new visual editor.


What can you achieve with lifecycle marketing programs?

Through lifecycle marketing programs, our customers have achieved:

  • Millions in word-of-mouth revenue
  • 2x higher conversion rates
  • 45% lower customer acquisition costs
  • 18% higher average selling price
  • 48% more referral conversions
  • 5x more customer referrals

Read to grow with lifecycle marketing programs?

Top Platform Features

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Custom referral codes and links

referral product page features icons-39

Automated reward fulfillment

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Custom-branded microsites

homepage_top feature icons-16

Referral status tracking

referral product page features icons-36

Multi-tier reward structures

homepage_top feature icons-20

Customizable notification emails

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Team user roles and permissions

referral product page features icons-40

SSO with Okta, SAML, AzureAD, Google

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Diverse reward offerings

Integrate SaaSquatch with your entire tech stack.

SaaSquatch integrates with the tools you already know and love

Got questions? We have answers.

Referral programs allow your customers to refer their friends to your business.
Loyalty programs reward users for completing in-app and out-of-app actions.

What do we recommend you choose? Both! With the LifeCycle plan you can run both program types and engage your customers at every stage.

In our research, we found that dollar credit is the most popular reward type. For example, a “Give $10, Get $10” double-sided incentive. Check out the State of Referral Marketing Report to learn about the different reward types and what might be best for you.

With SaaSquatch you can reward with dollar credit or with:

  • Gift cards
  • Credit-rewards
  • Coupon codes
  • Points
  • Cash payouts
  • Custom rewards

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