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极速赛车官方一分钟开奖在线直播,开奖记录结果查询及历史平台回顾 Transform your one-time customers into lifelong advocates.

Build winning referral experiences that are customized to fit you and your customers' needs with powerful referral software.



Finally, a platform built specifically for your business.

Your company doesn't have simple problems, which is why we don't offer one-size-fits-all solutions.

Our loyalty and referral software gives you what you need to build programs that work for your business model, user journeys and tech stack. Plus, our team of industry experts will help you create the kick-ass programs that your customers will love.

Built-in referral and loyalty programs

Companies use SaaSquatch to power their advanced referral, loyalty, and partner programs inside their web or mobile app. The result? Reduced acquisition costs, improved activation rates, increased retention, more revenue and best of all, happy customers.


Customer referral programs

Get customers up to 45% less while increasing customer retention with a SaaSquatch Referral Program.


Customer loyalty programs

The customer journey doesn’t end at signup. Reward and engage your loyal customers with a SaaSquatch Loyalty Program.


Partner referral programs

Leverage the advocacy of your partners, influencers and affiliates and grow your customer base with a Partner Referral Program.

Customer referral programs

Used to incentivize customers to refer their friends to your business.

Cash-back programs

Used to offer customers credit or cash for every dollar spent.

Employee referral programs

Used to incentivize employees to refer their friends to your business.

VIP programs

Used to reward customers for regular usage or purchases.

Welcome offers

Used to provide special offers to customers who sign-up or transact in a specific time frame.

User activation programs

Used to reward users for completing key in-app actions.

Points marketplaces

Used to let people exchange their points for a reward of their choice.

Special event programs

Used to celebrate key customer milestones like birthdays or renewal anniversaries.

And much more

Talk to one of our reps to learn more about what you can do with the SaaSquatch loyalty and referral software.

Get customers for 45% less than paid ads.

Customer Stories

PensionBee generated 5x more referrals with SaaSquatch

Learn how the UK's leading online pension provider generates 5x more referrals since switching to SaaSquatch.

Jobber acquired customers at an 18% higher selling price

Read how this business management platform uses referrals to get customers at an 18% higher selling price.

Flytographer landed over $1.2 million in revenue with SaaSquatch

Find out how Flytographer's referral program brought in 2,500 new customers and over $1.2 million in sales.


极速赛车在线168官方一分钟开奖,实时直播、开奖记录查询,2024年历史开奖结果全覆盖的平台 Flexible solution for advanced referral and reward programs

Selecting the right referral software for your customer marketing strategy can be tough. Here are a few reasons why companies choose SaaSquatch:

  • Seamlessly integrates in your mobile or desktop app
  • Enterprise-level security with SOC2 Type II Certification
  • Suited for complex user-journeys
  • Has the most flexible program logic available in the industry
  • Industry specific coaching and expertise + world class support
  • Integrates with your entire tech stack
  • Reward programs for every stage of the customer journey
  • Highly customizable branded user experiences
  • Reward users on in-app and out-of-app activities

Ready to talk? Book a demo and talk to one of our reps! »

The refer-a-friend program is the best route for us in terms of acquiring new customers compared to any other channel. It establishes trust right away as they were referred by someone who they know, while also rewarding our existing customers with a credit to use on their next photo session.

Meg Wilson

Marketing Specialist, Flytographer

Our referral program has proven to be a cost-effective, fully-automated channel for growth. One of our most important criteria was to make every component automatic -- from rewards and analytics to notifications -- and it’s fully delivered on that front.



SaaSquatch was able to provide a quick and reliable solution for our member-get-member efforts. Their solution, customer support and anti-fraud features were invaluable to us while deploying the program with quality in a short timeline

Pablo Naze

Product Manager, 99

SaaSquatch provides our loyal users with a quick and convenient way to earn rewards right from the Adzooma interface. Since launching, we've been able to capitalize on this new acquisition channel, increase our reach, and introduce new customers to Adzooma. We're seeing bigger and bigger volumes of demand each month, plus a 48% increase in conversion rates through our referral channel.

Sergei Danilov

Partnerships Manager, Adzooma

Top Platform Features

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Shareable referral codes and links

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Seamless end-user experiences

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Custom branded experiences

homepage_top feature icons-15

Automated reward fulfillment

homepage_top feature icons-18

Leaderboards and reward bonuses

homepage_top feature icons-21

Reward programs for every lifecycle stage

homepage_top feature icons-16

Robust analytics and reporting

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Secure and private: SOC2, GDPR, CCPA

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Automated Cash Payouts

Admin Icon with circle (1)

Team user roles and permissions

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SSO with Okta, SAML, AzureAD, Google

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Native integrations and open APIs


极速赛车官方一分钟开奖在线直播,实时记录结果查询,极速赛车2024开奖结果历史平台 Integrate SaaSquatch with your entire tech stack

SaaSquatch Loyalty and Referral Software integrates with your tech stack to fit the way you work.

We are continuously expanding our marketplace of native integrations. If your technical team wants even more flexibility, we offer advanced webhooks, REST and GraphQL APIs.

Ready to grow? Get in touch with us today!